Flavio Castelli

Debugging my life.



Here you can find a small core dump of my life (if you’re not a developer call it short summary). Since keeping this page updated has a low priority in my life, the following content may lack something.

About me

I was born on 12th July 1982 in Bergamo (a city in the north of Italy near Milan) where I still live.
Currently I work as a software developer for SUSE linux. You can see my resume here.

I’m Linux lover, a member of the KDE e.V. and a KDE developer. I’m the vice-president of BgLUG, the Linux User Group of my hometown.

You can find some of my code on gitorious, github, sourceforge, on this blog and on KDE’s repositories.

If you want you can follow me on twitter.

What I like to do when I’m not in front of something using binary code

I love to spend time with my lovely wife Laura. my daughters Elena and Alessia, my awesome dachshund and my tortoise.

I like to read books (I love Isaac Asimov’s ones and I’m a big fan of the Dune saga), listen to music, watch movies, hang out with my friends and travel.

I also play some sports like swimming, running and maybe one day I’ll start playing tennis again.

I constantly try to  learn the art of bonsai trees. Checkout the website of my bonsai club (guess who made it ;) ).