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Dec 8, 2005 - 2 minute read - Comments - perl

Gentoo documentation checker

gen-docheck is a useful tool for the gentoo italian translation team. gen-dockeck compares the version number of english document and italian translation.

In this way you can watch the status of one or more guides, keeping the translations updated.


  • mail notification support (straight to guide’s translator or to a specified address)
  • filter guides using regular expressions


gen-dockeck requires:


gen-docheck syntax: gen-docheck [--help] [--man] [--config configuration file] for more informations read the man page: gen-docheck --manan

Configuration file:

gen-docheck support also configuration files.

This is an example:

#mail sender
sender = [email protected] email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it  
#check only guides mathing these names (use "." to match all, "," to separate names)
checkonly = diskless,macos
#checkonly = .  
#send mail notify to translator
mailnotify = 0  
#send all mail notify to this address
force_mail_destination = [email protected]  
# smtp server
smtp = smtp.tiscali.it  
# debug smtp commands
smtpdebug = 0


You can automate gen-docheck adding it to cron.

Here’s an example:

0 10 * * 0 /home/micron/gen\-docheck/gen\-docheck.pl --config /home/micron/gen\-docheck/gen\-docheck.conff

In this way you’ll run gen-docheck every sunday at 10:00 AM


The code can be found inside of this git repository.

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