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Feb 17, 2007 - 1 minute read - Comments - KDE strigi life

Going to FOSDEM 2007 edition

This year I’ll go to FOSDEM 2007 edition where I’ll give a presentation regarding Strigi.

FOSDEM stands for Free Open Source Developers European Meeting”.

This is one of the most important happenings for the open-source scene in Europe. It takes place in Bruxelles, where for two days the university if full of talks, and stands of open-source projects.

Big projects have a DevRoom, a place reserved for talks related with them. And here I came… As Strigi is related with KDE me and Jos van Oever will give two presentations in the KDE DevRoom.

I’ll give a talk with the title: “Strigi desktop integration”. I’ll talk about the different interfaces you can use for playing with Strigi. These interfaces are really easy to use, this makes possible to integrate Strigi in different projects or write some cool front-end without any hassle. Finally I’ll talk about the technologies that reside into Strigi internals. Since they’re really useful, it can be smart to use them in different situations (also when information retrieval isn’t the main goal). Here you can get more detailed informations about my talk.

Still alive Strigi Desktop integration

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