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Mar 1, 2007 - 2 minute read - Comments - KDE strigi life

Back from FOSDEM

A small resume of my FOSDEM experience…

Friday evening

Departure from Italy. The plane landed in Charlesroi airport, where we (me and Laura) take a bus for Bruxelles. Once in the city it was so late that there was no public transport, so we had to take a cab in order to reach our hotel.


Small tour in Bruxelles. As we thought Bruxelles is a beautiful city with lot of things to see, in fact there are too many things to see for a 2 day trip! In the late morning we reached FOSDEM at the ULB university.

After a long tour across the different stands I found the KDE guys and especially Jos. I met him at the Nepomuk talk. Here I discovered that since Sebastian Trueg (author of the famous K3B burning program) was ill, Jos has taken his place. It has been a really interesting talk, that “warmed” people making them more curious about Strigi. Then it was my time. Everything went right and in the end there were many questions.

The day ended with another small walk in Bruxelles and a dinner in one typical restaurant.


We went to FOSDEM for the last time to see Jos talk. As usual Jos made a great job and all the people liked it. After a small talk with him about some technical aspects of Strigi, we leave FOSDEM and we went for another small tour in Bruxelles.

In the early afternoon we had to take the bus for the Charlesroi airport. We came back home at 10pm with some bottles of good Belgian beer ;)

In the end

It has been a great experience, I’ll try to came back to FOSDEM the next year!

You can find my presentation in the papers section.

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