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Jul 10, 2007 - 1 minute read - Comments - c++ strigi KDE

Lots of improvements into Strigi inotify support

Some days ago I committed lots of changes regarding inotify support. Goodies and improvements have been introduced… I had this code laying on my laptop for several weeks because I wasn’t able to fully test it. An annoying bug afflicting the update index operations was blocking me. But some days ago Jos fixed it, so I didn’t have any excuse :)

These are the major changes introduced:

  1. event caching: using a small cache it’s now possible to simplify multiple events and prevent high cpu usage when lot of changes occur on the same files
  2. interruption handling during the re-index operations: changing the directories to watch during an indexing operation will break the previous job and start a new one
  3. other small changes for improving cpu utilization

Actually I’m very happy of the first point, but I think the second one can still be improved…

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