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Aug 7, 2007 - 1 minute read - Comments - c++ strigi KDE xexam

Strigi gets XesamQueryLanguage queries support

Since last Thursday Strigi gained XesamQueryLanguage support. This means that now is possible to process queries formulated using this syntax.

But why is this important? If you aren’t able to answer the previous question probably you don’t know what is Xesam. Here’s a short definition taken from the official site: Xesam is an umbrella project with the purpose of providing unified apis and specs for desktop search- and metadata services. Thanks to dbus and Xesam it will be possible to access the informations indexed by Strigi (and all the desktop searching programs supporting these technologies) in a standard and easier way. Isn’t it cool?


I’ve to say a big “thank you” to Fabrice Colin (author of pinot) because my Xesam code relies upon his work.

Future tasks

My work isn’t yet finished. Xesam defines two kind of queries:

  • Xesam user language queries
  • Xesam query language queries Fabrice’s code for XesamUserLanguage queries uses Spirit library. Since we don’t want to depend against the boost library, I’ll write a new parser for this language.

By now I’m thinking to accomplish this task using flex, but I’m just in a preliminary state. Suggestions are welcome!

P.S. I’m really happy because this is my first post published on PlanetKDE. Hello to everybody!