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Debugging my life

Aug 10, 2007 - 1 minute read - Comments - howto strigi xesam KDE life

Xesam and bathroom hacking

Yesterday morning I was quite arrived at work when Laura (my gf) called me. Something went wrong in our bathroom and water was everywhere. She closed the main water tap and I took the first train for home (yes, since I’m an outlier I take the train two times per day). Once arrived at home I performed some hacking on the guilty washing machine, checked some pipes and than took the next train for office.

In the end yesterday I spent approximately four hours on the train. During this elapse of time I started the Xesam User Language parser :) During the travels I:

  • refreshed my memories about Flex, Bison and language parsers in general
  • wrote XesamUserLanguage’s BNF grammar
  • wrote Flex scanner
  • started Bison parser

Now, after fixing some build errors, I’ll start writing Bison’s grammar rules. These rules will translate Xesam user language queries into Strigi::Query objects.

I hope it will work (both bathroom and Xesam parser ;) )