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Jan 10, 2008 - 1 minute read - Comments - c++ KDE strigi

Tyding up Strigi analyzers

As you may know, KDE4 will use Strigi for meta information extraction instead of the old KFilePlugin classes.

Since Strigi’s analyzer work in a different way, lot of code has to be ported. Unfortunately, after a good start, some relevant analyzers were still missing.

But in the last weeks Strigi gained support of:

  • wave file
  • avi files
  • txt files
  • dds files
  • rgb files
  • sid files
  • ico files

I’ve also updated this summary page. As you can see there’s still some work to do, but don’t worry… I’ll try to do the best ;)

Strigi gains FAM support Strigi irc meeting

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