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Jan 18, 2008 - 1 minute read - Comments - KDE strigi xesam

My current tasks

Usually I write blog posts announcing what I have done, but this time it is useless. So I’m going to blog about what I’m going to do. After latest Strigi irc meeting, I came out with this task:

KDE integration: Flavio will coordinate the definition of interfaces over which KDE will handle searching and metadata. He can ask Aaron, Evgeny and Jos for help with the interface design. The interface will cover:

  • Querying via Xesam

  • Configuration of the Strigi daemon

  • Indexing and deindexing of data by passing it to the daemon (allowing for indexing for more than just files)

  • Controlling the daemon (starting, stopping, pausing)

Once this interface will be ready, it will be easy to integrate Strigi functionalities inside KDE programs. This mean (just reporting the most relevant cases) that it will be possible to create a Strigi krunner, have metadata extraction inside Dolphin and Konqueror, interact with Akonadi…

Talking about Xesam, right in these days I got a mail from Fabrice Colin, author of Pinot. Recently Fabrice made some improvements on Pinot’s XesamQueryLanguage parser (which is also used by Strigi). We’re now figuring out how to share our code in a more convenient way. Maybe we’ll use svn external

Strigi irc meeting Two new entries in my life

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