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Apr 2, 2009 - 1 minute read - Comments - c++ qt qjson last.fm KDE marble

rockmarble: how to follow your favourite artists tour with Marble

During the last weekend I wanted to have some fun with QJson. So I came out with this idea: retrieve from last.fm the tour dates of my favourite artists and display the locations using Marble.

After some hacking I created this small application: rockmarble


If you have a last.fm account rockmarble will import your favourite artist list. Otherwise you can add one artists at a time.

The tour location will be displayed inside Marble, using openstreetmap.


In order to build/run it you will need:


You can grab the source code of rockmarble here.

If you are an openSUSE user you can use 1click install:



The geolocalization data are given by last.fm, so if you discover that Metallica are going to give a concert in the middle of the Pacific Ocean please don’t bother me :)

Special names

It seems that QJson doesn’t handle properly special characters. Maybe you will some artist with a blank name. I’m going to fix this issue asap.

More details

Visit rockmarble website


Who wants to integrate it into amarok’s context view? ;)