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Nov 30, 2009 - 2 minute read - Comments - qt qjson

QJson: easier serialization of QObject instances to JSON

I have just committed into trunk a couple of changes that make easier to serialize a QObject instance to JSON.

This solution relies on the awesome Qt’s property system.

Suppose the declaration of Person class looks like this:

{% codeblock [class definition] [lang:cpp ] %} class Person : public QObject { Q_OBJECT
Q_PROPERTY(QString name READ name WRITE setName) Q_PROPERTY(int phoneNumber READ phoneNumber WRITE setPhoneNumber) Q_PROPERTY(Gender gender READ gender WRITE setGender) Q_PROPERTY(QDate dob READ dob WRITE setDob) Q_ENUMS(Gender)
public: Person(QObject* parent = 0); ~Person();
QString name() const; void setName(const QString& name);
int phoneNumber() const; void setPhoneNumber(const int phoneNumber);
enum Gender {Male, Female}; void setGender(Gender gender); Gender gender() const;
QDate dob() const; void setDob(const QDate& dob);
private: QString m_name; int m_phoneNumber; Gender m_gender; QDate m_dob; }; {% endcodeblock %}

The following code will serialize an instance of Person to JSON:

{% codeblock [Serialize to JSON] [lang:cpp ] %} Person person; person.setName(“Flavio”); person.setPhoneNumber(123456); person.setGender(Person::Male); person.setDob(QDate(1982, 7, 12));
Serializer serializer; qDebug() << serializer.serialize( &person;); {% endcodeblock %}

The generated output will be: {% codeblock [JSON data] [lang:json ] %} { “dob” : “1982-07-12”, “gender” : 0, “name” : “Flavio”, “phoneNumber” : 123456 } {% endcodeblock %}

I hope you will find this new feature useful. I’m also considering to create a similar method inside the Parser class.

As usual suggestions are welcome.

kaveau updates QJson: from QObject to JSON and vice-versa

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