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Nov 21, 2012 - 2 minute read - Comments - qjson qt kde

QJson 0.8.0 released

Almost three years passed since latest release of QJson. A lot of stuff happened in my life and QJson definitely paid for that. I have to admit I’m a bit ashamed.

So here we go, QJson 0.8.0 is out!

What changed

A lot of bugs has been smashed during this time, this new release will fix issues like this one and this in a nicer way.

QJson’s API is still backward compatible, while the ABI changed.

Symbian support

Some work has also been done to get QJson work on the Symbian platform. The development happened a long time before Symbian was declared dead.

Currently I do not offer any kind of support for the Symbian platform because IMHO Symbian development is a mess and given the current situation in the mobile world I don’t see any point in investing more efforts on that.

Obviously Symbian patches and documentation are still accepted, as long as they don’t cause issues to the other target platforms.

QMake support

QJson always used cmake as build system but since some Windows developers had problems with it I decided to add some .pro files. That proved to be a bad choice for me since I had to support two build systems. I prefer to invest my time fixing bugs in the code and adding interesting features rather then triaging qmake issues on Windows. Hence I decided to remove them from git.

If you are a nostalgic you can still grab these files from git. They have been removed with commit 66d10c44dd3b21.

Relocating to Github

I decided to move QJson’s code from Gitorious to Github. Github’s issue sysyem is going to replace Sourceforge’s bug tracking system.

I currently use Github a lot, both for personal projects and for work, and I simply love it. I think it offers the best tools in the market and that’s really important to me.

QJson’s website and mailing lists are still going to be hosted on Sourceforge.

I think that’s all from now. If you want more details about the changes introduced take a look at the changelog or checkout QJson’s website.