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Nov 3, 2014 - 1 minute read - Comments - docker openSUSE orchestration

Orchestrating Docker containers on openSUSE

A couple of weeks ago the 11th edition of SUSE’s hackweek took place. This year I decided to spend this time to look into the different orchestration and service discovery tools build around Docker.

In the beginning I looked into the kubernetes project. I found it really promising but AFAIK not yet ready to be used. It’s still in its early days and it’s in constant evolution. I will surely keep looking into it.

I also looked into other projects like consul and geard but then I focused on using etcd and fleet, two of the tools part of CoreOS.

I ended up creating a small testing environment that is capable of running a simple guestbook web application talking with a MongoDB database. Both the web application and the database are shipped as Docker images running on a small cluster.

The whole environment is created by Vagrant. That project proved to be also a nice excuse to play with this tool. I found Vagrant to be really useful.

You can find all the files and instructions required to reproduce my experiments inside of this repository on GitHub.

Happy hacking!