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Aug 8, 2006 - 2 minute read - Comments - c++ KDE strigi

My second level thesis

Months passed in silence and now you publish two news in a couple of minutes!? yep, tonight I just want to go over internet and write something here… Wink It’s time to talk about my second level thesis…


A couple of months passed since I started seeking something interesting to challenge with. I found kat, an open-source information retrieval program for KDE. If you don’t know what’s an information retrieval program you’ve just to think about a local google. It’s simply a program that let you search through your local files like google. Other information retrieval programs are beagle and google desktop. I started to study kat’s code and I also discovered that its mantainer is a nice italian guy. Unfortunately kat have some ugly problems and Roberto (the manteiner) can’t fix them because now he’s really busy. I was going to investigate over these problems for fixing them when I discovered a similar project: strigi.


strigi is a really young project created by Jos van den Oever. It’s written in C++ using STL and other external libraries. It runs as a daemon listening over a socket. In this way you’ve just to write your custom gui using your favorite language, nice isn’t it? I’ve contacted Jos and I began to send patches and add new features to strigi, committing them straight into kde subversion repository (cool, I’m a bit excited about it :) ). Recently I added the support for the linux kernel inotify interface, an essential component for strigi.

I really prefer strigi over kat because:

  • it works
  • it can be run under different window manager
  • in the near future it’ll run also under different OS (windows by now, maybe I’ll port it to macos)
  • it’s highly under development

You can find more informations about strigi here.

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