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Aug 8, 2006 - 2 minute read - Comments - c++ qt

QShapes: a process modeling tool

A lot of time passed since my last post. As usually I’ve been too busy to keep the site updated, forgive me! Last time I let fall something about one of my university projects: qshapes. Now it’s time to tell you something more… QShapes is a process modeling tool, in short words a kind of 2D CAD.

I’m going to release it under GPL over berlios site. Actually I I’ve registered the project (see http://developer.berlios.de/projects/qshapes/ ), committed some code on the svn repository and uploaded some screenshot). The program is “quite” stable (there’re yet some crashes) and can run under linux, macos and windows. It’s written in C++ using Qt for the gui so it’s really portable. I think I’ll use this program as a starting point for one of my dreams: a multiplatform open-source diagram creation tool like dia, kivio or Microsoft visio®. I like dia and kivio but both lacks of some components / features. Since I don’t like too much “gnomish” software I’ll never improve dia. On the other hand kivio is quite pretty but poor than dia in some situations. Especially kivio isn’t multiplatform and this’s a great problem for a me.

But now I’m really busy so I’ll start working on this project after my second level thesis (I’ll tell you something about it really soon).

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