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Jul 16, 2008 - 2 minute read - Comments - life

Can dreams became true?

During the last years of university I spent some time wondering about my future job. After the degree I received  lot of offers (fortunately also good ones), but none of them matched with my “dream job” . There was always something missing/different. I was just trying to convince myself that the “perfect job” can exist only in our dreams when my feed reader pointed me here.

After reading these lines:

” We are exploring new technologies, creating prototypes of future systems, and trying to find and shape some of the features that will be part of upcoming SUSE products and the ecosystem around that. It’s a fascinating job, challenging, fun, and always exciting. For somebody like me who loves to create new things and enjoys working with an awesome team of innovative people this is a dream job.”

I realized the description matched with all my wishes!

I immediately applied for the position and now, after more than a month, I’m looking at a signed proposal.

I’ve waited a long time before spreading my joy to the rest of the world… but now I just want to say that starting from 1st August I’ll be part of Suse’s Incubation team! :D

I’m really happy, excited and honoured for this awesome opportunity.

I wish you’ll be able to realize your dreams too!
Just a funny note… While Cornelius was writing about the job offer on his blog, I was having a dinner with another Novell employee: Massimiliano Mantione. I was listening to his personal story, wishing to find a dream job like his one. I have to admit I was a bit jealous :)

Still coding Ruby downloader for Jamendo

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