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Oct 3, 2008 - 1 minute read - Comments - ruby jamendo

Ruby downloader for Jamendo

Also this year I’ll attend the Linux day (a day dedicated to Gnu/Linux  and FLOSS that occurs every year in Italy) organized by my LUG. Guess what I’ll be talking about… ;)

While organizing the event somebody proposed to setup a local server with some music released under CC license. He suggested to download some albums from Jamendo (due to network issues we won’t be able to provide direct access to the website).

Since nobody wanted to download the albums by hand, last night I wrote a small ruby program that does the dirty job.


Ruby and json gem have to be installed on you machine.


Help:[](http://www.flavio.castelli.name/wp- content/uploads/2008/10/jamendo_downloader.rb)

./jamendo_downloader.rb –help

Download the top 10 rock albums:

./jamendo_downloader.rb -g rock -t 10

Have fun

I think there’s nothing more to say… enjoy it!

{% gist 2437530 jamendo_downloader.rb %}